Website Guide

Welcome to ASF's website. This is a "quick guide" to some of the major features of the new site.

Search Function

In mid-August the ASF Website Search Function was replaced and enhanced with a new specialized function that looks for listings in both asf.ca and the rivernotes blog. It goes a long way in improving the search functionality for the website.

The TOP Menu -
If you are looking for an in-depth approach

  • News & Media - This is the principal link if you are a member of the media, looking for press releases, contacts, or extra resources, such as visuals and special reports that might not be found in the issues pages

  • About - Provides helpful background on our Atlantic Salmon Federation.

  • Science - This is the best way in to the overall Salmon Science pages, that includes information on ASF's Science programs, plus information on wild Atlantic salmon

  • Contact - This provides the basic info on how to get hold of us, or create a note

  • Issues - ASF is focused on the most important issues affecting the wild Atlantic salmon.

Menus above the Large Photo & on Right
These menu items provide a number of ways to explore ASF's website, including pages for staff contacts, and other perspectives on ASF's activities - including special links for Atlantic Salmon Journal, Live Release, and ASF Events.

  • Blogs - Note that ASF is now offering both its RIVERNOTES blog during Atlantic salmon season, and MEMBER'S BLOG for a range of items of interest to members

Menus at Lower Left
These links will vary, but are all related to specific issues and projects being undertaken by ASF

Tabs Under Large Photos

  • Top News - Items from ASF and the salmon world that are making news

  • News for Members - Find special items for and about members of ASF. A chance to interact

  • Fascinating Science - A focus on the science world of ASF and wild Atlantic salmon

Bottom Links
At the bottom of the main web page are a set of helpful links to particular locations both inside the website, and to sites beyond, such as to Atlantic salmon counting facilities and many other locations.