Storm Sank Barge but No Salmon Escape in Jordan Bay

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Storm sank aquaculture barge, damaged bird nets

Published on December 02, 2013

Cooke Aquaculture representatives say no fish escaped from their Jordan Bay sites, shown here during a reporter’s visit earlier this year.

By Amy Woolvett

A recent storm that brought over 100 kilometre winds to the area last week caused some damage to Cooke Aquaculture property but according to company officials, the damage was minimal.

“No fish escaped,” said Nell Halse, communications representative with Cooke’s.

Damage was primarily limited to the nets that keep birds away from the salmon pens in Jordan Bay.

Halse said a barge holding a generator was also sunk by the high winds.

“We sent out divers right away,” she said.  The divers were able to retrieve the generator and the incident was reported to the Canadian Coast Guard and the province.

Halse said there were concerns raised by people who thought the issue was more serious than it was.

“As soon as a storm hits they think it’s a disaster,” she said.  “But it’s not.  The fish didn’t get out.  The pens acted as they were supposed to and we are doing great …thankfully,” she said.