Species At Risk Process: South Coast Newfoundland

The South Coast Newfoundland populations of Atlantic Salmon are being considered for THREATENED Status, and the process has now entered the Public Consultation phase.

Period of Public Consultation:  Oct. 9, 2013 to Dec. 15, 2013 for South Coast NL

Form of Public Consultation: Electronic or mail submissions, or meetings with interested groups and organizations

Public Meeting Locations: None planned

SARA Principal Page related to South Coast NL Listing - Click here

Socio-Economic Analysis of Impacts of Listing South Coast NL Atlantic Salmon - See Below

ASF's Don Ivany discussed the challenges and impacts of the SARA listing on the CBC Fisheries broadcast of Nov. 12, 2013.

Listen to the broadcast below.

LISTEN to Ivany on Fisheries Broadcast

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General Process for Comment - South Coast NL 91.1KB
Recovery Potential Assessment - South Coast Newfoundland Salmon Populations 670.9KB
Socio-Economic Analysis of Listing South Coast NL Atlantic salmon 1.0MB

Canada - OVERVIEW Endangered Species Documents

Full Canada Atlantic Salmon Assessment 2.8MB
Map (large version) of Endangered Population Segments 644.4KB
Rivers In Each Population Segment 121.8KB
Species at Risk Process - Oct 2012 Update 84.2KB