Some NL Salmon Tags Defective


Some salmon tags may be defective

TC Media
Published on June 03, 2015

Some of the salmon tags fishermen purchased this year may be defective.

The warning was sent in a press release late last week from Environment minister Dan Crummell. According to the release, the tags may lack a locking mechanism to hold the strap in place, or may break with moderate handling.  

Tags with faulty locking mechanisms may be returned for replacement where they were purchased.

Wildlife officers have also been made aware of the issue, and are asking that residents keep any broken tags on their person until they get their catch home.

The Department of Fisheries is looking into ways of making sure the broken tags donít affect conservation of the fish stocks. Justice and Public Safety Minister Darin King said officers will be looking for improper use of tags not related to the defects, and that charges may still be laid as a result.

More information is available by contacting the wildlife division: 637-2025.