Sending Anglers After Aquaculture Escapees


June 3, 2013

Special licences issued to track escaped farmed salmon in Newfoundland river

ST. JOHNíS, N.L. ó Federal fishery officials are offering special licences for anglers as part of an effort to track and catch any possible farmed salmon in a river on Newfoundlandís Connaigre Peninsula.

Last month about 25 farmed fish were caught in the Garnish River.

The salmon have been tracked to one of three aquaculture facilities in Fortune Bay.

Itís believed the fish may have escaped either through harvesting activities, or as the result of some severe winter storms back in February.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans spokesman Geoff Perry says special licenses are being issued to interested fishermen in order to gain more information and remove any other possible farmed fish from the river.

He says under the program anglers are being encouraged to document the salmonís size, weight and location.