Scottish Petition Raised to Save Salmon from Sea Lice

Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland has raised a public petition calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to strengthen Scottish legislative and regulatory control of marine fish farms to protect wild salmonids of domestic and international conservation importance.

"Wild salmonids in the ‘aquaculture zone’ on the west coast are in trouble. In 2015, the Scottish Government published the latest classification of the country’s salmon rivers’ salmon populations, placing all rivers in the west Highlands and inner Hebrides, including river systems such as the Awe and the Lochy, in the worst-performing category, with wild salmon stocks not reaching their conservation limits (a measure of the overall health of the population). No river within salmon farming’s heartland of the west Highlands and inner Hebrides has, in Scottish Government’s estimation, a sufficient stock of wild salmon to support any exploitation," notes Guy Linley-Adams of the organization.

Details of the Petition, including background on the problems for wild salmon in the aquaculture areas of Scotland can be found here:


If you live outside Scotland, you can still join this petition effort, with sign-on available through the page above.

The web-page above also has links to further background information and the present state of monitoring and enforcement.