Atlantic salmon are creatures of cooler waters, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. (Click for larger map) They return to rivers:

in North America:

  • As far north as Ungava Bay, in northern Quebec
  • As far south as the Connecticut River in Connecticut
  • Historically there were large numbers found in the rivers emptying into Lake Ontario in both Ontario and New York
  • They may have lived in some parts of the Hudson River system in New York

In Europe:

  • As far northeast as the Pechora River that rises in the Ural Mountains at the eastern edge of Europe's landmass
  • In northwest Russia, Norway and especially Iceland
  • As far south as the border between Portugal and Spain

In Greenland

  • One river in southwest Greenland has an Atlantic salmon run

Feeding Grounds

  • Some Atlantic salmon stay in coastal areas, but there are vitally important ocean feeding grounds in waters near Greenland, and near the Faroe Islands