Putting Habitat Back in Canada's Fisheries Act

We have a small window of opportunity to see that habitat protections are put back into the Act as a first step toward improving our waterways and fisheries.

In the next couple of weeks, we’re expecting to hear announcements from the federal government on processes for the regulatory review of the Fisheries Act among other pieces of environmental legislation. We think that this government has a great opportunity to announce a return of habitat provisions at the same time that they announce a process to address other needed changes.

Here’s how we can work together to protect Canada’s rich fish resources:

1.    Sign this petition and share it with your friends, family, and fellow fish lovers.


2.    Write or call your MP and let them know you want habitat protection back in the Fisheries Act (you can find your Member of Parliament using your postal code). Tell them your story about why fish are important to you. Or just leave a brief message that you support this ask because, quite simply, you can’t protect fish without protecting habitat.

The more MPs across Canada hear from us, the more likely the government will make this a priority.

There’s still enough time to make sure that habitat protections are put back in the Act now!