Pink Salmon Documented in Sand Hill River in Labrador



Three Pacific salmon documented in Newfoundland and Labrador rivers over past two weeks

Published on September 22, 2017

While the ASF says the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) tried stocking pink salmon in North Harbour River in St. Mary’s Bay in the 1960s, those fish are long gone and the appearance of this one is quite a surprise. The ASF’s post suggests the pink salmon could be a stray from Europe.

While Dr. Ian Bradbury, a research scientist specializing in salmon genetics with DFO, wasn’t available for an interview, other department scientists agreed that all indications suggest the fish is a Pacific Salmon.

According to a media release from DFO, arrangements are being made to receive the frozen specimen from Sharpe. Sampling and genetic testing will then be arranged.

“We fully expect that these tests will confirm the fish is a Pacific salmon, and hopefully will also be able to determine where the fish originated,” the release states.

“In addition, two salmon similar to the fish caught in the Gander River also showed up at DFO’s salmon monitoring facility at Sand Hill River in Labrador over the past two weeks.”

The results of the testing will be available in a few weeks, at which time Bradbury will be able to provide more information.