Online Auction Supports Norwegian Salmon Restoration

 An online auction coming up Nov. 1 supports a Norwegian non-profit working for Atlantic salmon restoration.

The auction, called Villaksauksjonen is supported with item and fishing donations by a wide array of Norwegian businesses.

Their details:


(Stiftelsen Nordatlantisk Villaksfond Norge)

A vision: To bring wild Atlantic salmon back in abundance.

About them:

• a Norwegian nonprofit foundation established by Orri Vigfusson in 2008, a subsidiary of NASF, North Atlantic Salmon fund

• a board of 7 members, all volunteers with no economic compensation

• working closely with all major Norwegian organizations with wild Atlantic salmon on the agenda

• working internationally with all NASF associated organizations on both sides of the Atlantic

The targets:

• the present environmentally dangerous salmon farming with open pens nets must be shifted to enclosed systems completely separated from the outside world. (Ref the sea lice problem which presently is out of control)

• the salmon farming industry’s use of chemicals is out of control. Must be stopped immediately

• sea netting for mixed stock wild Atlantic salmon must be stopped immediately

• improveing the conditions in water sheds hit badly by old hydro power agreements

• double marking of all farmed salmon for easy identification of escapees. Now!

• to stop or limit all new mining and hydro developments being a threat to wild Atlantic salmon and sea run brown trout

• The sea trout is hit terribly by the coastal swarms of sea lice and is in many areas close to extinct. By funding local organisations they can realize spawning ground and river improvement projects for sea run brown trout.


Our major source for financing our national and international activities is an auction, “Villaksauksjonen”, being arranged every autumn, for which river owners, fishing gear distibutors and shops and private persons are donating generously.