NL Poachers Fined, Equipment Forfeited


Poachers fined
Cory Hurley
Published on November 27, 2014

Two men who netted Atlantic salmon near Hampden this summer were heavily fined Wednesday and lost a substantial amount of property — the most significant of which was not their own.

Provincial Court Judge Wayne Gorman fined Corey Parsons, 32, of Hampden and Shane Pynn, 33, of Labrador City $3,000. A 1996 Ford F150 truck and an aluminum boat and paddles — belonging to two different individuals who had no participation in the illegal netting on July 7 — seven salmon, a cooler, lamp, a net and a fish tray were ordered forfeited. Neither of the men are allowed to apply for any type of fishing licence or engage in any form of fishing for three years.

Pynn and Parson used a net to catch seven salmon during a time when the season was closed.

In his written decision, Gorman noted a net is oblivious to conservation.

“By using a net Mr. Pynn and Mr. Parsons showed a total disregard for conservation and the law,” the judge wrote. He said a sentence must reflect this.

Gorman also said netting salmon is a planned and deliberate offence, so deterrence must be emphasized in sentence.

The judge asked Crown attorney Adam Joyce to notify the rightful owners — who were aware of the court proceedings and the potential forfeiture of their property, but neither appeared in court — of the forfeiture. They can apply to have their property returned, something which was indicated they were contemplating doing if the forfeiture order was imposed.