More Concerns About Grieg Aquaculture Project


More Concerns About Marystown Aquaculture
July 31, 2016 | 6:51 am

Merv Wiseman, a member of the Board of Directors with the Provincial Federation of Agriculture is raising more concerns about the Greig Salmon Farm to be set up in Placentia Bay.

Wiseman says the farm is a risk and we're not looking at it the right way.

He says he believes we are on a slippery slop in the way we view aquaculture, and that this is a one of the biggest initiatives in not only Canada but the world.

Norwegian based Grieg Seafarms has been released from having to conduct further environmental assessments, but without such procedures, some feel the project runs the risk of environmental damage and possibly damage to the wild salmon stock.

Wiseman says we need to look at alternatives that do not have the potential to ruin natural salmon habitats.

He says there are alternatives like land based aquaculture that companies would be interested in that do not involve the type of public relations nightmare this farm will create.