Minister rejects appeal of Grieg’s salmon farm project


Minister rejects appeal of Grieg’s salmon farm project

Tuesday, October 04, 2016, 22:10 (GMT + 9)

Newfoundland and Labrador Government authorities rejected the appeal of a 7-million fish per year salmon aquaculture project proposed in Placentia Bay by Grieg NL Seafarms Ltd.

The rejection of the appeal by international conservation group Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) seeking an environmental impact statement was performed by Environment and Climate Change Minister Perry Trimper.

“Because of the significant and unique risks this development places on wild Atlantic salmon and the environment, ASF is reviewing the minister's response with experts in environmental assessment to determine the best course of action," said ASF President Bill Taylor.

ASF's appeal, using Section 107 of the Environmental Protection Act, argued that the government of Newfoundland and Labrador should heed the groundswell of public concern and order a full environmental impact statement for this project.

The act says when a proposal generates public concern, or presents a risk to the environment, an impact study must be ordered.

“The Placentia Bay proposal would be the first instance of European strain salmon being raised in the Canadian marine environment. Although the fish would be sterilized by adding a third chromosome at the egg stage, this process is not 100 per cent effective, meaning foreign, fertile fish, could escape and breed with native Atlantic salmon”, said ASF’s Steve Sutton.

As part of the project, Grieg plans to use untested net-pens and unproven methods of sea lice control. As well, the development would be located near a threatened population of wild Atlantic salmon.

"ASF's appeal for a full environmental impact review offered a reasonable course of action to the minister. It would put all the necessary facts in front of the government and public ahead of a final decision," Sutton concluded.



Response of NL Minister of Environment to ASF Appeal

Letter from NL Environment Minister Regarding Placentia Bay Project Appeal 2.3MB
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