Marine Harvest Orders Scotland's Biggest Hydrolicer


Marine Harvest orders Scotland’s biggest Hydrolicer

Marine Harvest Scotland has ordered a new Hydrolicer that will be the biggest in operation in the country, the machine’s Norwegian manufacturer has revealed.

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Řyvind Nymark, chief executive of Hydrolicer Production AS, said the company had worked extensively on further development of the delousing system and particularly on fish pumping technology, power and filtration.

Hydrolicer. Photo: Hydrolicer AS

160 tonnes per hour

He said MH Scotland had been with Hydrolicer from the start and was among the first to use the machine. 

“It is very pleasing for us that Marine Harvest Scotland will continue with us with new technology, and once again choose Hydrolicer.

“The delivery consists of four Hydrolicer version-6 lines, the new PG Hydroflow fish pump (developed for large fish, in cooperation with PG Flow Solution), and the proprietary drum filter Hydrofilter. The system has a capacity of 140-160 tonnes per hour,” he said.