ISA Suspected at Norwegian Salmon Farm


Isa suspected at Norway Salmon Farm

 September 30, 2014, 6:30 pm

Infectious salmon anemia is suspected at a farm owned by Nordlaks Oppdrett in Nordland, Norway, said the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The veterinary institute informed the NFSA about the suspicion after a sample tested positive on Sept. 26. New tests are being taken to verify the initial finding.

Norway recorded ten outbreaks of ISA http://www.undercurrentnews.com/2014/02/18/norways-fish-farms-28-drop-in-pd-halving-of-ipn-five-fold-hike-in-isa/  in 2013 of which eight were in Nordland. That was up from just two in 2012, and the highest level seen since at least 2009, when there were nine.

Nevertheless, pancreas disease remains the biggest viral disease affecting salmonid farms in the country. PD outbreaks were down 28% in 2013, but remained significant with 99 instances recorded during the year.