ISA Infected Salmon Controversy and CFIA

In mid-January 2013 it was found that Cooke Aquaculture was processing ISA-infected farmed salmon from cages in Nova Scotia at their facility in Blacks Harbour, NB amidst increased bio-security protocols. At the same time, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced it was abandoning ISA eradication as a standard protocol, and instead was adjusting to the standard of prevention of ISA.

This since resulted in major public "push-back" on the idea of diseased Atlantic salmon entering the food market system, as well as increased calls for land-based closed-containment where the disease will not affect marine species such as endangered wild Atlantic salmon, herring, cod, etc.

This page has links to several of the most significant articles, as well as opinion pieces and letters-to the-editor.

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