Grieg Approval Red Light for Wild Salmon


Grieg Project Approval A ‘Red Light’ For Wild Salmon Stocks: SAEN

SEPT. 10, 2018

The Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland says the environmental green light given to Grieg’s proposed salmon hatchery and farm in Placentia Bay is a “red light” for wild Atlantic salmon stocks.

Association President Jim Dinn says last week’s announcment left their members deflated.

He says the government that decided to release Grieg from the environmental assessment process is the same one that imposed a ten fish seasonal cap on catch-and-release anglers in the name of conservation.

Dinn calls that “hypocritical and mystifying.”

Dinn says the provincial government could have been an innovation leader and supported the development of what he calls an environmentally sustainable, fully land-based aquaculture project, but opted instead to spend $45-million in public funds on open sea pens—a method he calls “outdated.”