Greenland salmon agreement touted as path to save fish


Greenland salmon agreement touted as path to save fish

The Associated Press

June 20, 2018 12:06 AM

PORTLAND, MAINE - Conservation groups say they are optimistic that an agreement with Greenland will help endangered wild Atlantic salmon begin to recover.

The salmon are considered endangered in the Gulf of Maine by the U.S. government. The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization held a meeting in Portland last week to try to broker a deal to keep more of the fish alive.

Greenland fishermen continue to fish for the salmon, while U.S. commercial fishermen do not. The NASCO meeting resulted in a deal in which Greenland will reduce its annual quota for the fish from nearly 100,000 pounds to about 66,000 pounds. It also suspends Greenland's commercial harvest of the fish.

Atlantic Salmon Federation president Bill Taylor says the "significantly reduced and more tightly regulated fishery" will help conserve the vulnerable fish.


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