Fragile Salmon Stocks No Deterrent for Poachers


Fragile Salmon Stocks No Deterrent for Poachers
August 18, 2017

Fish and Wildlife Enforcement officers have laid more charges related to illegal salmon poaching.

The latest charges stem from late July and early August.

In one case, fisheries officers observed a man land a large salmon on the Colliers River. The accused is facing a charge of failing to release a hooked fish and possession of an untagged salmon.

In another, officers encountered two men carrying a bag while on patrol near Great Rattling Brook. The men immediately dropped the bag and ran from the scene. Officers discovered that the bag contained a wet net covered in salmon scales. Two men from Peterview are charged with illegal possession of a new near inland waters.

Meanwhile, two people are facing charges in Grand Bank provincial court for netting in inland waters. The men were apprehended on Fortune Brook, following a tip from the public.