Fishing Banned from Parts of LaHave River in Nova Scotia


Fishing banned from parts of LaHave River

CBC News Posted: Jun 21, 2011 9:33 AM AT

Fisheries officials have banned angling at several spots along Nova Scotia's LaHave River to stop people who pose as trout fishermen but actually catch salmon.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans says anglers were releasing the salmon, but that's still banned on a number of rivers because of the stress it puts on dwindling fish populations.

The department says the only way to stop it is to ban all angling in these areas.

"The continuation of these pool closures very much depends on the status of salmon stocks. If, miraculously, salmon numbers turn around, we may not need to do this," said Greg Stevens, a senior adviser with DFO.

"I guess to some degree it depends on certain behaviours of recreational fishers."

The department says it consulted fisheries groups in the province on the closure of the nine areas. But the issue remains a hot topic among anglers.

"Ever since there was word of this taking place the internet and the local buzz has just been flying with local opinions," said David Doggett, creator of novascotiafishing.com, an online angling magazine and forum.

Doggett said some people favour the ban while others are against it. Some fishermen, he said, find the whole thing confusing.

"It would be fairly difficult to find the exact areas where you are not supposed to fish," he said.

The fisheries department says the pools are well-known and are marked.

The closures will be reviewed each year.