Genetically Modified Salmon Petition Needs More Signatures

The Ecology Action Centre in Nova Scotia and Living Oceans Society in BC with the legal help of Ecojustice are taking the federal government to court for not adequately assessing the risk to wild Atlantic salmon from the creation of a genetically modified salmon for use in Aquaculture under development in PEI.

This frankenfish would have genes from Atlantic salmon, Pacific Chinook salmon and a deep-sea eel-like fish called an Ocean Pout combined into one organism. DFO scientist have identified that should this fish ever escape it could breed with wild Atlantic salmon resulting in serious genetic contamination. Just like the introduction of invasive species to an ecosystem, this is a forever thing. Once done it will not be undone.

There's an important online petition against this dangerous precedent being allowed (it could be the first genetically modified food animal in the world to reach supermarket shelves). Please sign on and share the link with your contacts:


This petition will be presented to the Federal government.

Here is some background on the issue:

To learn more about the court case: