DFO Proposes the New Aquaculture Regulation Regime

Technical Sessions on the New Aquaculture Regulatory Regime

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Proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations
Public Release of Documents: Aug. 22, 2014

When finalized, the proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations would resolve uncertainties in the application of various federal acts, eliminate overlap and duplication issues, and reflect the unique circumstances of aquaculture.

The proposed Regulations will clarify conditions under which aquaculture operators may treat their fish for disease and parasites, as well as deposit organic matter, under sections 35 and 36 of the Fisheries Act. As in the past, the Regulations would require that only products regulated by Health Canada under the Pest Control Products Act or the Food and Drugs Act may be used. The proposed Regulations will also impose greater public reporting from the aquaculture industry, as well as specific environmental monitoring and sampling requirements.

Canadians are invited to comment on the proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part 1, until October 22, 2014. All comments received during the 60-day pre-publication period on the proposed regulations will be considered before policy directions are finalized and revisions, if needed, to the regulations are made. To help you provide comments, you can consult the following complementary documents:

  • The Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement contains a description, alternatives, benefits and costs, compliance and enforcement, consultation, and contact information.
  • The Proposed Monitoring Standard outlines the level of monitoring detail that would be required from aquaculture operators to ensure consistent, high-quality data
  • The Proposed Reporting Template that aquaculture operators would have to submit each year for activities conducted in the previous calendar year. The data collected would be aggregated and published annually on Fisheries and Oceansí web site. A description is also available.
  • Backgrounder - Proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations
  • News Release - Harper Government Takes Further Steps To Enable The Aquaculture Industry To Thrive

Fisheries and Oceans Canada will be holding technical information sessions for affected stakeholders throughout the country in the coming weeks. Stakeholders will be contacted with further details.

After three years, Fisheries and Oceans Canada will convene a science-based research and advisory process to review the implementation of the proposed Regulations and to determine if modifications are needed. This panel will also review biochemical oxygen-demanding monitoring methodologies to evaluate whether enhancements are needed to the monitoring standards and procedures.