DFO Has Public Consultation Forms for Southern Gulf Salmon and Stripers

DFO has now on line COMMENT FORMS to allow public views to be expressed on management of ATLANTIC SALMON and STRIPED BASS, and will be brought to the next Coastal and Inland Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee meetings, and considered in the development of the next Atlantic salmon and striped bass recreational fishing management plans.

The forms will be on line until Jan. 16, 2015

The form for Atlantic salmon, Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence:

The form for striped bass, Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence:

At this time STRIPED BASS of the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence are also being considered for listing as a species of Special Concern under Canada's SPECIES AT RISK ACT. For details on that, and adding your comments regarding that listing, go to:

The SARA form for comment will be online until Feb. 27, 2015.

Among the special concerns are the low returns in the past two years of Atlantic salmon, especially to the Miramichi watershed.

At the same time, while striped bass had low populations a decade ago, they have become very numerous in the last few years, and there is some evidence they are impacting the number of salmon smolts reaching the sea.