Declining NL Salmon Stocks Cause for Concern


Declining NL Salmon Stocks Cause for Concern

July 15, 2017

The Atlantic Salmon Federation is concerned about declining stocks in Newfoundland over the past two years, and says a full catch and release fishery may have to be considered.

The number of salmon dropped last year, and has dropped again this year. For example, they counted only 2,500 salmon in the Exploits at Bishops Falls this year, compared to 11,000 last year.

Neville Crabbe, the Director of Communications of the federation, doesn’t know why the population is declining, but says DFO instituted catch and release in 1997.

Crabbe says not a lot of anglers have been successful this year and are holding on to their tags. As a result, anglers could try to use up those tags before the end of the season, resulting in a more concentrated effort on fewer fish.