Court Orders More Environmental Review of Placentia Bay Project

NTV - Newfoundland

Court orders more environmental review of Placentia Bay aquaculture project
By Don Bradshaw -  July 21, 2017

The courts have overturned the province’s decision to release an aquaculture project in Placentia Bay from further environmental assessment.

The Atlantic Salmon Federation challenged the decision in court. Justice Gillian Butler released a written decision this week finding the 2016 decision to allow the project to proceed without a comprehensive review was unreasonable. She concluded “that the minister lacked jurisdiction to release the project.”

The Salmon Federation says the proposed Placentia Bay development would be the largest salmon aquaculture project in Canadian history. It warns there could be serious damage to wild Atlantic salmon and other native species in the environment.

The court quashed the minister’s original decision and has ordered the company, Grieg Aquaculture, to complete an environmental impact statement.

“This will be the first environmental assessment of salmon aquaculture in Newfoundland, and perhaps only the second ever in Atlantic Canada,” said Bill Taylor, president of the Atlantic Salmon Federation. “Despite the fact this industry has caused permanent damage to Newfoundland’s environment it has always enjoyed special treatment.”