Bobby Kennedy Says Canada Has Lost its Way


In a recent speech to industry and environmental leaders in Vancouver, global Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy Jr. chronicled the erosion of Canada's environmental laws due to increased corporate influence on our governments. "Canada has always been the moral paradigm for nations...until you elected Stephen Harper," he reflected.

"You used to have this great law called the Fisheries Act...but now that law is gone."

On that note, columnist DC Reid shares the weak response he received from Fisheries Minister Gail Shea, defending DFO's lack of action on the $26 million Cohen Commission's recommendations for protecting wild salmon from the impacts of fish farms, among other threats.

Meanwhile, a reflection of the watering down of Canadian environmental assessments in recent years, the review panel for the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline to Vancouver excluded over 80% of applicants to testify at the hearings, which begin in August.

Finally, new Common Sense Canadian contributor Mark Taliano deconstructs the deceptive language of corporate power, which has taken hold of Canadian politics and democracy, as Kennedy notes.