Bill Ensor Receives NB Conservation Award


Salmon Conservation Award Given to Bill Ensor

Bill Ensor recognised for his commitment to conservation and knowledge of the Atlantic river systems.

By Jericho Knopp, CBC News Posted: May 12, 2016 6:47 PM AT

The 2015 Lieutenant Governor's Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation was given to Bill Ensor in a ceremony in Fredericton on Thursday morning.

The award was granted to him based on his extensive knowledge of the river systems, his successful efforts to curtail commercial fisheries, and his promotion of the hook and release program.

"I'm just totally overwhelmed by it," said Ensor. "None of us do it for awards or rewards. We do it for the fish. So the generations coming up behind us will be able to enjoy the marvelous sport that we all have."

"I'm just totally overwhelmed and humbled by this award, I truly am."

Fighting the obstacles

He used his platform to describe the difficulties the fish face when trying to stay alive.

"There's just so many obstacles for them," he said, "on the high seas, in the rivers, dams, aqua culture; the list goes on."

"But without groups like the N.B. Salmon Council, they'd be in a lot worse shape than they are now."

Ensor is a past president of the New Brunswick Salmon Council, which created the award in 2000. In addition, he is a past president of Fredericton Branch of the St John River Salmon Anglers Association.

The award is given each year to someone who exemplifies commitment to salmon conservation. The recipient is selected by a committee appointed by the salmon council.