ASF Submission on Sisson Mine Project Impacts

ASF Submission on Sisson Mine Impacts 214.5KB

Above: Download the 9-page ASF submission on Sisson Mine impacts

 ASF is concerned about the impacts on fish and stream/river habitat of the Sisson Mine, located in the headwaters area of Nashwaak River, that flows into the St. John River.

The Submission begins:

"The magnitude of the fisheries productivity offsetting plan, or fish habitat compensation plan, under the MMER relies on a realistic assessment of how much damage the mine will cause to the existing watercourses. ASF can appreciate the complexity of assessing the extent of the impacts. However, we have concluded that the proponentís assessment severely underestimates the negative impacts the mine will have, particularly as it relates to downstream impacts to the aquatic system well beyond the footprint of the mine. Consequently, the required compensation is under-calculated."

To read the details, download the submission document, that is available above this text.