ASF Researchers Tag Salmon Kelts May 2017

The Atlantic Salmon Federation has a multi-year salmon tracking program in place that is providing great insight into both mortality in the estuaries and at sea, and the importance of certain marine areas to the Atlantic salmon such as around Anticosti Island and the Strait of Belle Isle.

May 2017 has been a serious challenge to the program, with high flood levels on the Miramichi, Restigouche, Cascapedia and on most other salmon rivers in eastern Canada. But by mid-May water levels were dropping and the program has achieved success. In this video, ASF Biologist Graham Chafe releases a kelt that spawned last fall and spent the winter in the river. The implanted sonic transmitter will hopefully be picked up by the array of receivers across the Baie des Chaleurs, and at the Strait of Belle Isle, as the salmon migrates to feeding grounds in the Labrador Sea and near Greenland.

The sonic tags last for three to four years, so they also may register these fish if they show up any year through 2020.