ASF Calls Out Lack Of Government Consultation With Local Groups


Atlantic Salmon Federation Calls Out Lack Of Government Consultation With Local Groups

May 30, 2018

The Atlantic Salmon Federation is disappointed with what it calls a lack of consultation with local salmon conservation groups in the province’s strategy to address new DFO regulations on retention rates.

The Citizens Outdoor Rights Alliance, or CORA, issued a release yesterday applauding the provincial government’s efforts to, as they say, “straighten out the mess” left by federal minister Dominic LeBlanc and what they call “outside salmon angling lobby groups”.

Don Ivany is the ASF’s Director of Programs for the province. He says conservation organizations like the ASF, SPAWN and SAEN have been working closely with DFO and the province for decades.

He says the province chose to consult with CORA but decided not to consult with conservation groups on a strategy.

He says if the provincial government is interested in developing a meaningful strategy they need to engage all of the leading conservation groups in this province and the industry.