$13M Compensation for Cooke Aquaculture

CBC - Nova Scotia

$13M for Cooke Aquaculture after infected salmon
About 1 million salmon destroyed

CBC News Posted: Jan 08, 2014 11:58 AM AT

Note: The CBC story originally associated the $13 M with the Coffin Island site, which was in error. Cooke Aquaculture destroyed the ISA-infected salmon at the Coffin Island site without a cull order, and were not compensated for the diseased fish there. Cooke was instead compensated with the $13.2 M for the McNutt Island site.

Cooke Aquaculture has received $13 million in federal compensation after it was forced to slaughter a million salmon at a Nova Scotia fish-farming operation because of a virus outbreak, according to Freedom of Information documents.

The New Brunswick-based company got the money back in 2012 after an infectious salmon anemia (ISA) outbreak at one of the company's sites in Shelburne County.

Cooke received the money in June and December of 2012 but the amount was only made public recently within a Freedom of Information request to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The company wouldn't confirm the amount when contacted by CBC News, except to say it's no different than any other compensation farmers receive for damaged crops.

A spokesperson pointed to the $2 million in loans the Nova Scotia government handed to strawberry farmers after a virus destroyed their crops.